Another popular year for Tours of Embassy Court

Another popular year for Tours of Embassy Court

For over a decade, guided tours of Embassy Court have been led by leaseholders and residents of Embassy Court. 2017 has been an exceptional year as the interest in this building grows from strength to strength! Over 15 walking tours, attracting around 300 participants, have been held thus far in 2017; notably during the annual Brighton Fringe festival and Heritage Days. In addition, private tours for arts and architecture students and for those with an interest in Modernist Architecture have been requested and organised. People travel from around the world to attend these walking tours and the enthusiasm for Wells Coates iconic masterpiece building remains constant. The tours are always oversubscribed and this year has attracted delegates from around the UK, Italy, Spain and Australia, as well as much closer to home, Brighton and Hove’s very own residents!

In March 2017, there was an additional attraction; the blue plaque for Edward Zeff, MBE, and Croix de Guerre was installed at the entrance of Embassy Court. Tour delegates loved hearing about Embassy Court’s very own secret agent and his bravery throughout the Second World War. Most tours last between an hour and 90 minutes, during which time the participants visited a flat, the roof terrace, the tank museum and walked around parts of the front and rear of the building, providing excellent photo opportunities where permitted. Most people stated that they really enjoyed the opportunity to visit a flat, the roof terrace and the visit to the tank room museum. One Tour included cocktails on the roof and was very popular and we have received a number of requests to repeat this particular event. All tours are evaluated. The written evaluations help provide suggestions for future Tours and this year have included the following suggestions.

  • Twilight tours
  • The opportunity to visit a Penthouse Flat
  • More combined tours and cocktails events on the roof
  • Tea and cakes during the tours
  • Possibly a short film/ PowerPoint to introduce the Tour, particularly about Wells Coates
  • More Tours throughout the year

The success of the tours requires on-going and reliable input from Tour Guides, and flats in the building to visit. If your flat could be used in the tours (for about 15 minutes) or you would like to learn more about how to become an Embassy Court Tour Guide and join the small Tour Guide Team, please contact Maddie Blackburn and Paul Dennison at 53 Embassy Court: Training provided. Future tours will include a mural in the ground floor hallway and the re-installation of a 1930s Embassy Court kitchen on the 11th floor.

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