At Embassy Court there are 3 passenger lifts and also a goods/freight lift.

The passenger lifts have a maximum capacity of 4 people or 300kg. No heavy, bulky or dirty items should be taken into the passenger lifts. Bicycles should not be in the building and certainly not be in the passenger lifts due to the damage caused to the stainless steel interiors. CCTV covers all of the lifts, repairs to any damage  will be charged to those responsible.

Items such as furniture or building materials should be moved up and down the building using the freight lift.

Booking the freight lift

For safety and security reasons the freight lift is locked shut for most of the time. It may also be unavailable for use due to maintenance reasons. If you need to use the freight lift you should notify the maintenance office on (01273) 220880 giving at least 4 days notice. The freight lift can be made available 8am till 5pm, Monday-Friday or 10am till 3pm on Saturday.

The freight lift has a maximum capacity of 1100 Kg or 15 people. The internal measurements are: 1.5 metres wide, 1.7 m deep and with a height of 2.1m


Unfortunately there  is not a loading bay or parking space available for users of the freight lift. Do not leave vehicles unattended in the area next to the lift as you may block access to garages or parking spaces. Either park in a space that is owned or rented by you, leave someone who can drive the vehicle with it at all times or move the vehicle off site. Any vehicle that is parked in contraventions of site parking regulations may be clamped!

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