Doctorate Thesis on Wells Coates and the Modern Movement in England

Farouk Elgohary’s 1966 doctorate thesis “Wells Coates and his Position in the Modern Movement in England” is available free as a PDF from the University College London Online Resources Site at

The thesis contains previously unavailable pictures of Wells Coates interiors, furniture and shops. Many of its unique insights are based on Elgohary’s correspondence and personal interviews with the architects and clients who had been most associated with Coates – including Maxwell Fry, Serge Chermayeff, Raymond McGrath, J.K. White (Ekco industrial designer), Patrick Gwynne, Denys Lasdun, Jack Pritchard (Isokon client), Jacqueline Tyrwhitt and Coates’ daughter Laura Cohn. His thesis supervisor was the prolific author on British and European Modernism, Reyner Banham. It includes unpublished extracts from Coates’ diaries, notes and letters, as well as notes and minutes from meetings of Unit One, The Mars Group and CIAM. – A fascinating and insightful read for anyone interested in the Modern Movement in architecture and design.

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